All my females have ratty tails, and the males sport tails of grandeur to match their overall stature.
Maybe farmers shouldnot go into breeding of kitties. Ihave done breeding all my life: this means I started out with my parents who practiced, recessive-gene breeding of GermanShepherds: for short legs, pure, silver coloring w/blackish saddle and muzzle, bony structure, BitBull instinct, intelligence, uncanny hearing and unbridled loyalty and obedience to his master, originally designed by Herr VonStephanits, of the original GermanShepherd, which had been wiped out due to money-mongering hucksters,
Since leaving home, I went into general truck farming, and of course continued the breeding (I wound up with top-o-the-blood-lines of both East and West cost: (Female out of BJ=91s Kennels and male out of Traveler=92s Way=92s Grand Champion of that year I purchased him, my male, Traveler=91s Way Dandy)). However, Farm breeding soon became the order of the day, and in farm breeding as in the GermanShepherd breeding, the first and foremost, hard and died-in-the-wool rule, along with the general rules, always worked fine. Not so with kittles.
When I read about a woman that took 28 years to get her breed, I said, ohsht, at my age, , ihave only 28 months, I better hurry . . . Now ithas been about 3 years . . . And low and behold iam still alive (: Kitties are full of surprises. I finally got a sweet, gentile, loving, bushy-tailed kitty but, as if she were a male, she tries to spray on the walls (but it puddles on the floor), thus must be caged or housed in an outbuilding, comes into heat but doesnot seem to breed, or does closet-breeding, which means she doesnot get pregnant.

Now ihave a new one (youwillnot believe this one; her beauty is incredible, and my heart=91s desire (she is small w/short legs and a cute, little mouth. She looks like a fuzzy, plush toy)), however she is a crazy, who has a feral personality. She is sweet as sugar, wants loving and cuddling, but without closeness and touching . . . Yeah-shur . . . figure that one out . . . maybe when she matures shewill be normal . . . HA . . . not with my luck. Her mate=92s-to-be appearance is the same (without the silver dust) as she, but lets you cuddle him, and is like a dog (fuzzy TeddyBear's short body looks like a little, black Chow Dog): always at your foot with every step from room to room; even up and down the steps, weather it be to the cellar or the second floor bedrooms.

In spite of =93her=94 I suspect I will get something out of them, because of him . . . if they breed . . .and . . . if he is capable . . . and . . . if she can get pregnant . . . and . . . if they both live . . . past the Anthrax and whipworm this Fall . . . and all the other worms, diseases and Chinese feed, between the Fall seasons. . . and if I, with my failing health, and encroaching age, donot falter, no, not for even one second.
Ohwell, so much for the ratty tails.
Gotta march on. One of these days (if warm weather ever gets here (Erie, Pa, we had snow Mother=91s Day, and, in California, a granddaughter jumped off a bridge, 60 feet into the water below w/2 other crazy girls (all in the hospital))) unless the grave gets us first, I will get you a picture of the incredibly-beautiful CrazyCat.

Truth will set you free, according to Jesus in John 8:32

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