Hey I got this off a chain e-mail floating around the web,
This concerns people living in Malta, If you can do call and adopt these dogs!

Oh and to Maria: Nice one [Ye]

Dear girls and boys

Last Sunday whilst having a nice walk in the surroundings of Ghar
Lapsi, we found these two adorable creatures tied to a rock, very
dirty and malnutritioned. Some bas**** decided that they don't need
them anymore. Well we could not leave them there and got them home
thinking that some dogs home will take them but they are all full.

We have washed them, got them the Vet and they are already getting
well. They are approx 2 years old, a boy and a girl which we named
Chip and Joy.

Unfortunately for various reasons, we cannot keep them. If you know
of anyone who would be interested please let me know. They are
English Springers, very friendly and intelligent. Absolutely

(For privacy reasons the cell number has been removed., If you wish to contact Maria or Mary Ann, reply to this thread or send me a PM - DioNice)

Have a good day all.


Man that's terrible!!! you can see how loyal they were by looking at them!! The owner must have rely been a B****rd Emotion: sad
Someone just told me they've found a home. [Ye]
Nice one, that was quick Emotion: smile Lucky dogs and thanks to whoever took them!