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The real world equivalent is, "No offense, but..." Closely followed by "I hope you don't mind my saying..." Weasel words, the point of which is to allow the speaker to say whatever nasty thing they want without owning the sentiment.

It strikes me as passive-aggressive.

http://www.cat-sidh.net (the Mother Ship)
http://esther.cat-sidh.net (Letters to Esther)

A border collie pup? ROFL!

It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the Army has to hold a bake sale to buy a tank.

To reply, unleash the dog.
Red Girl arrived home in Calgary today

brought back some very tender memories.
She's adorable!
She'll tell you what her name is.
She'll tell you what her name is.

Mine always have...
Red Girl arrived home in Calgary today, surviving the flight just fine. She came Westjet cargo and, because it's very ... the house, window wide open. Smarter than me, sitting in front of a hot computer in a room facing south.

I was away and just saw this. Congratulations! She's a beauty! You must be deliriously happy.

& Zoe the cockerchow
& Queenie the black gold retriever
& Max the pomeranian
& Rosalie the calico cat