DESCRIPTION: I have a red eared slider and he is about 1" in diameter.

PROBLEM: I have seen him put rocks in his mouth twice, both times I put food in the tank and he immediately spit the rock out. I think I gave him too much credit in thinking he did this as a cry to feed him. Now, I have noticed his butt is always "open" and he appears to be bearing down with noticeable movement of his tail, butt and abodomen (what can be viewed from where his hind legs come out of the shell).
DETAILS: He has a healthy apetite and is very active, more so than usual. It appears he swims around in circles trying to deficate. I tried putting him it water (about an inch deep) which was around 88-92 degrees for about ten minutes, he wouldn't eat or deficate in this tub, immediately after re-entry of his tank, he found a food pellet god knows where and began to devour it (and later spit it up). I'm not sure if this is a good sign or a bad sign. I'm really attatched to this little guy because I bought two and the first one died of a respitory infection. I have two more on the way and I would like to make sure this guy is taken care of before introducing any new turtles.

Please Help "Save" Donatello!
call a vet
Can a vet really operate on a 1" turtle??
Doubt it, but they can give you ways of helping, may be some action to take. This newsgroup has been pretty dead for a long time now. You'll have a better chance of making your pet healthy by calling a vet, than sitting by the computer waiting for someone to reply. Much faster even if you have to wait for the vet to call back. Or even wait a day or two for an appointment. Good luck with your little one. I though turtles couldn't be sold smaller than 6 inches?
Under 4 inches, and I'm trying to report, they just sent me two dead 0.75" (very very soft shell, not suitable for being mailed!!) RES.
First off, throw the gravel. Use larger river rock you can get at Home Depot, rinse well.
Second, never buy anything from
Thrid, he could be blocked up. I don't think there's much to be done with a 1" hatchling. Go to and post there.
Hi, am new here, but I have a female red-eared slider that's almost 2 yrs. old! I give her 3 different types of pellet foods a day . . . . plus occationally give her a small goldfish to eat & sometimes I'll give her a cricket to eat also. She seems fine with this + Poops every now & then (not sure if she's suppossed to poop daily or weekly!). She occationally gets fed chicken (small bits) or turkey (bits) & loves it (gobble, gobbles it up!).

The only problem I noticed she has, lately, is that as she develops her shell . . . the back part seems to be turning upwards (I don't know why this is happening!) & the sides are now developing the yellow with dark "spots" . . . like underneath her. Hmm?! Is this normal??? I always have her in a tank with water (like bottled drinking water = no chlorine!) + some round rocks she likes to "lounge" on . . . out of the water.
= Judy =