Please help if you can! My Red Eared slider hasn't been eating for 2 weeks. He's active, swims a lot but behaves noisyly trying to ruin the small island he's got. He sheds a lot. Sometimes it looks like he wants to escape the tank. The temperature in the tank is stable, 28C. His age is 4 years, the shell is 18 cm.
He is definitely small for his size and constant shedding is not a good thing either. What size tank do you have him in and do you have the proper set up? He should be getting lots of UVA and UVB light (the special bulbs need to be replaced every few months too even if they still give off light they do not give off the UV needed. An adult slider needs an aquarium that is at least 1/4 land area and roughly 2 meters by 1/3 meter and deep enough for the turtle to completely submerge (most aquariums of this size are about a 1/3 meter deep). Try feeding it something different too like lettuce or pieces of fruit.