In our pet store we have two aquatic turtle tanks. One is for turtles too small to sell yet (under 4 inches) and the other tank has 4 larger turtles up for sale. I recently added one of the smaller turtles to the larger turtle tank because it was the legal size to sell. Since then, one turtle started swimming lopsided (he's now in a hospital tank/pneumonia?) and another turtle has a white-ish cotton-ish filmy coating on parts of his limbs and head. I also removed him from the tank. A third turtle's eyes closed up and I had to separate him to treat him with eye drops. He got better.
I suspect that we may have taken in a wild caught red-eared slider that has infected the tanks.
I've done water changes every other day, and use Amquel in the water. They have a UVA/UVB bulb and a heat lamp over the tank which is shut off at night. Any advice on what the film might be?

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