Hi all (again)
Whilst I am on a roll with all the help I've received so far from this group, one last (probably not!) question.
Can I introduce anything else into the tank with my slider? He (she? ... I feel another question coming on) is about 6 years old, and the shell measures about 5.5", 14 cms. He has always lived alone; failing a breed of fish (preferable), how would he react to a juvenile slider, frog or newt?
The tank contains 16 - 18 gallons of water, maintained at about 75 degrees and filtered with an external canister (Eheim 2211). There is some 'land' and some, but minimal, hiding place.

Nick H.
PS. Please don't flame me about the size of the tank ... it is all I can afford ATM, and it beats the sh** out of the bowl and filthy water that he has grown up in and lived in until recently. Im trying. Ta.
breed of fish (preferable), how would he react to a juvenile slider, frog or newt?

fish, newts, frogs cant handle the amount of waste a turtle creates. plus newts have toxins in their skin and the turtle will try and eat fish, newts, frogs, ect.. and he might attack and get territorial with any turtle you introduce.
That answers that.
Thanks blove. Looks like he's best left alone ...
He has always lived alone; failing a breed of fish (preferable), how would he react to a juvenile >slider, frogor newt?

Fish = lunch, frog or newt = possibly the same outcome as fish

I've kept adult and juvie RES together and the only time the adult bit the youngsters was accidentally when they got in the way of a piece of food he was targeting and they had no noticeable injuries from his bite

Some years ago, we had two baby RES and two goldfish in a goldfish bowl together. Both species ate their own and the other's food. Everything was fine for about 3 months and then one morning we came downstairs and there was one and a half goldfish in the bowl. The back half of the smaller fish was gone and it was obvious who the culprits were as both the turtles were pulling pieces off the fish
Hi Grainne.
I had actually tried last week with a group of four harlequin fish (my colleague was going to flush them down the toilet otherwise), thinking that they would be small enough and fast enough to avoid the RES, who is pretty slow and clumsy (I thought!). He had also never seen another living thing in his tank.
All was okay for four days, the RES totally ignoring the fish, who shoaled comfortably and came out from 'hiding' after two days. On the fifth day the turtle took all four in five minutes Emotion: sad
Thanks for the response.
Nick H.
Another turtle would probably be OK, even a small one. Better to introduce one about the same size. I put a somewhat smaller painted turtle in with my RES about a year ago and they get along great.

Newts and fish might be a problem. Big enough frog might not, but other notes about living with turtle mess could be a problem.
We've got a "slightly damaged" 5" Common Stenchpot in with our RES that's about the same size as yours. They pretty much ignore each other, though I have seen the RES using Stinky as a basking perch.

~Bad Noodle