Hi we have a five year old red tail boa, We moved her into a larger space and have tried three times to feed her. The last two rats she has killed and left. She didn't eat the last two rats just killed them. It has been two months since the last time she ate.
hi red tail boas can be very very veeeery picky when they eat. did you try to watch her eat? DONT do this as boas hate being watched while they eat because it's the only time they're defenseless. she may no know if you're a friend or a predator. try again just give her a rat and leave her alone for some hours. dont ever try to peek! this may scare the snake and she won't eat as a result. you can leave the rat there for approx 12 hours, if she doesnt eat it take the rat out and try next week. good luck and please let us know how it goes!