11/28/2016 12:00am
    I am one of those who regret having my cat's life ended prematurely.
    My treating vet and I were in agreement that I'm Here Max could have his usual quality of life with the administration of pain medication for a month due to an inoperable cancer which had spread to his jaw.
    He was never a playful cat during his estimated thirteen years, nor much of a lap cat .He liked to warm himself by the heater and meowed only in the morning when he wanted his wet food. He used the cat litter without urging and his weight had stabilized when medication for hyperthyroidism was started. In short, other than being in the house most of the time rather than being mostly outside as before, and sleeping more due to the pain medication his life was much the same as before cancer of the jaw progressed.
    I didn't find it a problem to wipe the occasional drool but he started to bleed on the left side of his gum line. I was concerned about this but had planned to take I'm Here Max to consult with a vet who also practiced holistic medicine for pets so I went ahead with the appointment and asked if anything could be done about his bleeding from his jaw by removing the three teeth which had become loose. The vet told me that he would lose his teeth on his own but that she wouldn't remove his teeth but had good results with jaw removal.
    I had stated from the beginning that I didn't want jaw removal, radiation or chemo so I'm not sure why the subject was brought up although IF I remember right she did state that this wasn't an option at this point.
    The reason for my visit was to have herbal medication added to his current treatment was pushed aside and replaced by what I thought the vet was getting at was that, even with hospice as an option, a more effective pain killer, later on, the correct thing for me to do was to have him euthanized.
    To be honest, at the time I relied on what I perceived was the better judgment of the vet and a friend to euthanize him (ie: have him killed).
    That much as I would miss him and he required no more care really than a well cat I bought into the guilt trip that I was being selfish to keep him alive when he had a terminal cancer.
    That day I was initially relieved that I'm Here Max would be safe from any future suffering due to my "selfish desire" to keep him alive for an estimated 1 to 2 months more.
    It was less than two hours later that I realized that I had made a decision that was neither good for my cat, I'm Here Max, or for me.
    I had pain medication on hand and an 24 hour Emergency Clinic
    within a half hour drive with an indoor cat who NEVER meows so I feel confident he would let me know, if I missed other signs that the time had come. In addition I had him under the care of a vet who supported hospice as a good option for I'm Here Max and me.
    While others may not have the same support I had, I also had to contend with the ideas that "You're being selfish to keep your cat alive in pain" and "You can't tell when your cat is in pain". In short the implication is that I are doing the wrong thing to let the cat live because the cat has a terminal illness and he was in pain which I didn't realize.
    Don't let this guilt trip influence what is best for your pet.
    While sick cats find hiding places healthy cats do too.
    Cats aren't silent in pain. They want YOU to do something,
    Euthanasia can NEVER be undone.

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