Hello everyone,

I have a cat that is relieving herself outside of the litter box and its not because it needs cleaning. What can I do to break her of that? Why is she doing that. She has never in the past done that.

Hey Callie,

You know, I've come to the conclusion that sometimes it's impossible to say why our felines do this or that.
My toilet-trained cat does the same sometimes, i.e. he won't use the toilet but will urinate on the tiled floor next to it, even if the toilet is super clean. I tend to think it's because he's almost 16 years old already, so jumping up on the toilet can be tiresome (though I wouldn't actually say that because he's still very active, hehe). So it just occasionally happens, we gave up finding reasons why. Perhaps he is just in a naughty mood in such moments. Also, he can occasionally pee in the middle of a room. The last time it happened, we had been out all day so probably he just showed his frustration by demonstrative peeing in the centre of everyone's attention after we had come home.

How old is your kitty, by the way? Does she do it occasionally too or all the time now?
Hi Callie, how long had she been using the litter box before it began to happen? Have you recently switched to another brand/type of cat litter?
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Hello. Something caught my eye in Callie's email.
My cat is overweight. She cannot clean her private area as a result. She suffers from it. She is more and more often relieving herself, as Callie puts it, out side her box. What caught my attention in the message was Callie said that her cat was relieving herself but not because she needed to be cleaned.

Is Clementine doing this because she needs a good cleaning down there? I do clean her area pretty well from time to time with baby wipes, but it is a very temporary solution....

Any thoughts?