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I hope you can find a good vet to remove that cancer causing foreign object!!!Best wishes to you and your pet!
Hi, I Have worked in rescue for 6 years and have NEVER seen a problem caused by a microchip. I have also seen hundreds of lost animals that have been reunited with their owners due to a microchip. But, I have seen even more animals leaving in a body bag than with a new owner due to not being able to find the owner. If these animals had been chipped they would have been more likely reunited with their owners. I have 5 cats and 5 dogs and would never question having a microchip!

Im not sure if everyone is aware that there are other factors that can cause tumors. I bet most of you feed your dogs extra unnecessary treats/food? Obesity is a major concern in dogs and cats but is easily ignored by most. Some breeds are just prone to tumors so I think you should take the advice from your vet before you believe everything on Wikipedia!
then they all lied to u and it is not u dont have to legally microchip any animal...!
i wouldn't ever microchip my animals ever...and i would not have it in them and i would
search high and low for somebody vet to remove the thing...it is invasion of privacy for sure
Hi there. Well I was told about the risks of tumors growing around the microchip by my vet. Like with humans the body sees the chip as a foriegn body, the body's natural defense is to encapsulate it. The tumors that can grow are similar to fibroids, its just extra cell growth, not cancer. also dont forget there are many breeds of dogs and cats out there that are genetically prone to tumors and cancers. I have had 5 dogs, 8 snakes, 3 cats, and a monitor lizard all chipped. To this day I have not noted any lumps or any other ill side effects from chipping. What I have had is several successful recoveries of lost/stolen pets thanks to microchipping. I personally will continue to microchip my pets if possible. But I strongly suggest to everyone research who you use as a company. Some offer lower priced chipping combined with annual payments for services, while others the chips are pricey but free service for the life of the pet.
You are correct in trying to take the microchip out. I am in California and trying to do the same.
All those nay sayers about the chip not causing harm are wrong. Do your research people and read!

http://www.antichips.com /
The above is a link to SEVERAL studies that show the growth of cancerous tumors at the site of chip insertion in dogs, cats, mice, horses, and other animals.

Just thought you should know.
i am trying to figure out a way to have a micro chip removed and am in California. Of course all the vets are brainwashed as are dentists who believe in fluoride. If there is a logical reason to have a chip removed such as travel abroad I would like to know it. Or if there are vets who are open to removing a chip I would like to know that also. The big scare with anesthia and taking out the chip doesn't seem to be an issue when it comes to cleaning the pets teeth now does It? Not many folks think for them selfs these days. They just parrot whatever they hear the most.
Joleen CohenIf I'm not mistaken it is also legally required to have all dogs micro chipped.
You are mistaken. Only kennel clubs like the AKC or CKC require it on (purebred) pedigree dogs.
It's not a legal requirement to microchip your pet. It's an RFID chip how is that an invasion of privacy? RFID is radio frequency identification. It is not like global point system so it does not do any tracking. All the microchip has is an identification number like your ID or SSN.
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