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That's the thing....There's never a "problem", until there's a problem.
This is a bit worrying so if a dog / cat are chipped, you are saying that chips can be removed? So what's the point if a cat/dog gets stolen from you whoever steals animals they can remove chip? Then how can they trace them ? What's the point in having them chipped ? Is that right? does anyone no anything about it
Take a look at this article...
It's very important to all pet owners and anyone involved in caring for pets.
http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/microchips-pet /
Anonymous Joleen CohenIf I'm not mistaken it is also legally required to have all dogs micro chipped.You are mistaken. Only kennel clubs like the AKC or CKC require it on (purebred) pedigree dogs.
The AKC does not require chipping (as of 10/2015, anyway). Only England, Ireland and (I think) Wales require it. (or was it Scotland...?)
"If your dog ever escaped, you'd never be able to find him!" Golly so EVERY animal that "escapes" their owners are never found unless chipped?
Sad they needed to escape their owners, my dog wouldn't run out of the yard, she doesn't want to escape.
Most people have crappy dogs, or their dogs really don't care about them if they want to "escape" that makes it sounds like a jail break LOL.
Why dont you put a chip in you child then???....Studies from large reputable organization have shown that these chips can cause rapid growth of cancer cells. Also as far as invading your pets body without good reason.... YOU NEVER had enough reason to enter there body in the first place. Also i apologize if i offended you in any why it was not my intention i just feel very passionately about the subject because i work for the largest manufacturer of RFID chips and standerd tracking chips and i know what they do to human and animal flesh.
The trainer where we take our dog had three cats chipped and all three developed tumors near the chip site. The vet feels it may have been a coincidence but I would consider tattooing myself. I would also want to know what materials are being used in the chip seeing all the commercials for human implants being recalled. There are many human parents who go status quo and then there are those who do research on their own before making an informed, non pressured decision based on knowledge and their own best judgement. Each immune system is different as is each body burden.
Why do you want to remove the chip? I will side with the vet. It's advisable to chip your dog. You will help reduce the problem of stray dogs.
I got my purebred dog microchipped because of OFA requirements. She is 3 and never had any health problems of any sort. Since the microchip implantation a month ago she has almost non stop had major rashes. Her reaction has been horrible. We want to remove hers as well.
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