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I'm researching how I can remove the chip from my 3 year old miniature poodle, shes been sick since I had her chipped a year ago. she now has a tumor at the injection site. not only that she now has severe allergies . I don't know if it would work contacting the company to see if they were just to turn it off ( stop transmitting the signal) would that work or would it be better to remove it. this just was not a good thing for her. I never leave her, she doesn't wonder off so I think I would rather have her healthy again than to worry about her being stolen or lost. everyone has to do what is right for their animal.
I hate microchips. I adopted my dog from the shelter and she has one but I would not put one in on my other pets. They were not meant to be in their bodies. What's next microchipping humans?? If they weren't born with it or need it to walk, jump, breathe then get that nasty thing away from me.
I agree. Revelation WARNS of microchipping. Do not do this EVER. It's all part of the human depopulation in the future. God loves animals so HE wouldn't be happy with human's decisions to get our 'kids' microchipped. Mine never will. Law or not! It's NOT Gods law to chip them. Mans law is all de-funked & muttled. It's WRONG.
I heard it causes cancer my dog had a microchip and she developed a cancerous tumor, I had to put her to sleep it was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

This is nonsense. Who would ever do that to an animal?

My dog was microchipped at Animal Control. I thought it was a great idea, BUT, since then sometimes, rarely, but still sometimes, I touch her on her left shoulder and she lets out a yelp as if I stabbed her. I supposed that's where it is, and now I want to have it removed.

Ya say that when they start microchipping you and your family no thanks.

I removed my dog's microchip myself... since no one else will ever do it. Dog healed nicely-- no issues. Oh, did mention I'm a surgeon?

alfinnlayI had spoken to my vet about this and the risk of tumors is incredibly small. The risk of something happening under anesthesia for pets is greater than the risk of tumors. Vets do not want to put your dog under for an operation for a thing that isn't causing any problems because you aren't happy about it. Operating and putting an animal under anesthesia is ALWAYS a risk! Even for spaying and neutering we take the chance, for a dental, etc.

First of all...no animal or human should be chipped. We are sovereign people & so are animals that should be free to roam. Seriously, plz stop watching brainwashing television ads.

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