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I want my puppy's chip OUT also. When I purchased she already had. First visit at vet...they were surprised that she received the chip so early.

By me knowing the effect about and how micro chips in people are...it's about the same with pets.

That chip is NOT only for a lost pet people...wake the heck up.

There will be NO chips in MY household...if vet will not take out...I have someone that will at the end of THIS week.

Okay, here's a crazy thought: It's no one's damned business why a pet owner wants a microchip removed. If it is YOUR pet and the chip is registered to YOU, you should have the right to change your mind and have it removed without persecution or a lecture from a bunch of nosy, busybodies.

I am really grateful to have come across this thread. I have tried posting in some groups on Facebook with huge backlash and have found little on google of folks or articles that disagree with microchips. I am looking to move to another country in a few years and of course would take my dog. I was severely disheartened to find that microchipping is part of the necessary process of traveling with them to this particular country. Has anyone had any luck of navigating around this issue when traveling and not wanting to microchip your pet. My other thought was to put one in her and have it taken out later after the move. Yet, I don't know what that entails and is why I ended up here...

I just read an article ( actually 2 articles) that say legislation should be passed that chips should not be allowed. Many dogs have developed tumors and skin problems and death due to these microchips. I would never do it

My dog has two microchips- one for US and one for international. She was just diagnosed with a huge malignant mass under her chips. I'm heartbroken and angry and feeling guilty that I didn't listen to my own instincts. OF COURse and radiologic antennae implanted in live tissue will destroy it!! It's common sense. period.
How many of you people trying to persuade them to keep the chip, were in the military, or worked for the state, police, or some other form of government? Does that answer your question lady? Who profits from your prescription refill? Who profits from those chips the most, in the most ways?
It is the truet. This microchips controling the dogs behavier even can be turned agains,the owner and being put down. I see evil in my loving amazing dog on and off . I want this evil creation out of my dog . Dont listen to people who being controld just like they dogs.
I agree with you. You are woken.i went true an awekening and see beyond . All control. Now they control our pets even agains they owner if they want. I see it in our dog how she change her behavier on and of . Took pictures rthat make her eyes weird and different colousr and evil face in it. I want the chup out. A smart and carring human know how to protect they pets and a petvwhi is bein loved will not run away.
I want my dogs chip removed because it has moved. I’ve heard that it can be deadly to the dog if it moves, and if it was placed correctly it shouldn’t move at all. My dogs chip is now about his right front leg.
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