Hi, has anyone here had their dog's microchip removed? We microchipped ours when we used to travel a lot but now we don't need it any more. I've tried to talk about it to a vet but he refused to even speak about it let alone doing it. When we microchipped our dog we agreed it won't be there forever, and now it seems I'm going to have troubles finding someone who can help us. If you know such a vet in Ohio please let me know, thanks!
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Why do you want to remove it? First of all any dog (and cat in my opinion) should have a micro chip even if you're not traveling anywhere if the dog happens to run away or get lost it is very important for you to be able to find him. The microchip is not any sort of electrical device it is simply a bar code with a number that you scan and the number pulls up your information on the computer. I got my hairless cat micro chipped and I'm getting my other cat microchipped as well, Since they are hairless you can see the chip under the skin and I'm telling you It's not something that can be removed without causing a lot of pain and invading your dogs body for no reason. I suggest you go online and look for more information about the chip I am sure that once you learn about it and understand what it is and it's uses and importance you will change your mind. If I'm not mistaken it is also legally required to have all dogs micro chipped.
My cats are indoor only and they are both microchipped. If your dog ever escaped, you'd never be able to find him! Any operation is tricky, even removing a chip. Your vet and probably no vet will do it. Just leave it in there.
I'm not happy about tumors that can develop because of a microchip. I understand your concern, thanks, but the decision is already taken. The thought of something implanted under my dog's skin forever doesn't let me sleep well. Why do you say it will cause a lot of pain? It will be done under anaesthesia and I'm sure my dog will recover quickly. When we decided to microchip him we were told that yes, it would be possible to remove it in the future. Now we face reluctance. Why then, were we misled?
I had spoken to my vet about this and the risk of tumors is incredibly small. The risk of something happening under anesthesia for pets is greater than the risk of tumors. Vets do not want to put your dog under for an operation for a thing that isn't causing any problems because you aren't happy about it. Operating and putting an animal under anesthesia is ALWAYS a risk! Even for spaying and neutering we take the chance, for a dental, etc.

I agree with the above posts. In this very situation, the risk of tumors is much lower than the surgery and anesthesia risks. Of course, you can keep looking for a vet who'll agree to remove it but please think twice.

I'll be travelling from philippines to canada... our stop over is in south korea, seoul before vancouver our last destination.

Im planning my 7yr old shih tzu to be microchip because in korea microchipping or pets are mandatory (the fact that we are just a transit passenger/stopover passengers, just spending 4hrs in the airport, and for that i have to microchip my dog... so unnessesary). I do not agree chipping my dog but for the sake that i can take him with me in vancouver i will chip him unwillingly. But when i get to vancouver i will try my best finding an easy to talk to vet to take the chip remove.

I respect every opinion because of a certain situations... removing microchip on your dog is a good idea that you will never regret...
Emotion: yes good decision.
Hi there, I am from canada, and my golden retriever has a swollen shoulder and I think it is the micro chip,she has been to 4 different vets and we just keep getting no where in her recovery,now a dog physio next week, they can not see the micro chip in exrays but refuse to think it's the chip, did you ever get your dogs chip removed? How did it go,? Please help
I totally agree with you! These chips do cause tumors...that is a fact! I myself do not agree with any mico chipping for many reasons.So many people are under this illusion that it is all good and the possible side effects are minimal and out weighed in keeping pets safe. That is so far from the truth it's an absolute con! Do you know how many shelters do not even check an animal that comes in for a chip prior to adopting out or euthanizing??? MANY!!! They say that they are not required by law to do it and can't be held liable! So all in all logic dictates that it is actually inhumane and irresponsible to micro chip any mammal due to the possible side effects and since there is no guarentee that they will even be scanned if lost, why in God's green earth would anyone choose those consequences for someone they love??? As for finding a good vet to remove this foreign entity... Best wishes on that! Hard to find! Please let us know if you do!!!
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