About three days ago we took in three feral kittens to socialize and then get adopted. We were told that although they are a little young (roughly 5 weeks) it was best to take them in now to protect them from predators and socialize them. They are doing great so far, but mamma cat is going crazy crying at every door and window she can find and I feel aweful. She's completely feral and wont let anyone touch her so I know it would be difficult if not impossible to socialize her..has anyone got advice on this situation? Thank you!
I am in the same situation. I rescued a feral kitten, roughly 8 weeks old, and the mom is outside circling our house and won't stop crying. The kitten hears her mom and then starts crying too. I feel awful and wondering if I did the right thing. I don't know what to do.
That's what you get for taking them from their mother. I can't fathom why you decided it'd be fun to just take the kittens to adopt them out later. Leave that to shelters and rescues, the cats there need homes more.
I suggest either giving her the babies back or getting a raccoon trap/cage with a trapdoor and catching mom so you can bring her to the vet to get spayed, then see if she still wants them once she's fully healed.
Natural selection is a thing that happens to feral cats and their babies. You don't need to play hero and take them in to "socialize" them.