I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Although i have all the enclosures i could need (more are always welcome lol) and food as well as space and time to rescue reptiles and the odd warm blooded, i was wondering if there are any rescue societies that may be helpful in either acquiring and fostering or in assisting us in finding GOOD loving homes. Our leatherface is a darling Asian WD but his last home left him unfed for 2 weeks and his nose broken and missing because he was being teased with pretend food on the other side of glass .... we have a great home for him to go to once he has healed but i feel a little fearful that something this cuddly (i mean really love-able and completely docile for a lizard of his size) that they could be hurt so badly and i would hate to place a rescue in a home that will just hurt them again If anyone has any ideas it would be so helpful thanx Emotion: talkative
hi so glad you rescued leatherface! can you stay in touch with the people you're going to give him to? you know like calling them sometimes and prolly visiting them to check on him. it's always a little of a risk to give an animal to someone you hardly know and seems like all ppl that give out a pet have this problem and i can't see any other solution but to stay in touch with the new homes. what's also important in my opinion is what vibe the people give you, if you think there's something wrong about them perhaps its a good idea to hold on.
as to the reptile rescue societies i only know about this one in your area http://www.edmontonreptiles.com / looks like you have similar goals
thats great thanx, we know leather face is going to a good home he brough pictures of his set up and was even willing to show me pay stubs to prove he can afford the vet care and daily needs because leatherface is special needs ...

he will be moving in with them after a full shed cycle ... he is healing so well and the family that wants to take him seem to have a love for water dragons ... they come into the store we volunteer at all the time for supplies . they take really good care of their pets
and mr. sleeve if u know of a pet in my area needing a foster or even permanent home please lets me know Emotion: big smile we happily take in those who need it ...
that sounds like he's going a really great home so i wouldn't worry Emotion: smile
Chantelle Johnand mr. sleeve if u know of a pet in my area needing a foster or even permanent home please lets me know we happily take in those who need it ...
will do, so glad you're doing this all!
we love them so much it hurts me to see them hurt,