A story with a question to follow...

My mother's cat Emerson really loves my boyfriend. I mean, REAAALLY loves him. Every time we go over there to visit the cat immediately jumps up on top of the refrigerator (I assume so he may be closer to eye level with him) and starts to purr like crazy, gently bat at him with his paws and roll around on his back like a mad man. Once he actually rolled off the fridge and fell on the floor, only to get up, shake his head and immediately begin to nuzzle his feet and roll around some more. He follows him, meows for attention and tries to jump on him constantly. He does this to NO ONE else, not even my mom, who bottle fed him from his first week of life.

The really odd thing about all this is that my boyfriend is not really a cat person. He will pet Emerson casually and obviously pay attention to him when he's batting at his head, but is much more interested in playing with the dogs. The cat seems to be content with simply being near him.

The last few times we have gone over, my mom has called me about ten minutes into the drive back home to inform me that the cat has wandered all around the house howling, and is now curled up in the last place he was sitting on the couch looking very depressed. A couple of days ago, he even peed on a used dinner plate that was sitting out right after we left! Coincidence? I have no idea.

Has anything similar happened to any of you? Is this normal?
Cats can be verrrrrry emotional and sensitive, and it's amazing how they show us when there is something wrong in their world. My cat Gizmo is one of those cases who shows me his emotional state with pee too. So in your case he's clearly showing you that he's sad that your boyfriend left the house.
In a way it's sweet, I can just imagine him sitting on the couch being all curled up and sad since you guys left, but when it comes to peeing, he's definitely going too far.

Try some experimentation. Ask your boyfriend to ignore the cat completely the next few times you're over and see Emerson's reactions. Then try and ask him to give the cat more attention than usual and see which one of those two cases work best for the cat.

Tell your mom not to give any attention to Emerson after he's peed. Even yelling at them is attention and that's all they want when they act out like that.

This is really interesting, keep us posted on how it's going! Emotion: smile
That's very interesting, lizardbreath. I heard of people that "attract" animals, but this is the first time I read about such a strong affection! In fact, my dad is one of those people. I don't know why but pets have a very odd attitude to him. For exapmle, many times when we were walking in a park, different dogs (stray or those taking a stroll) stopped by him or looked thoughtfully at him, as if they felt some affection or it was pleasant for them to be beside. It happened so many times (with stray cats too, by the way), that we ended up with a saying about dad, "Animals do love you!" I cannot say that dad is extremely fond of animals, but he generally likes them. He's more of a cat person, so I have no idea why dogs give him so much attention.

Anyway, there's a saying , "We have a friend who hates cats. Every time he comes to the house the cat sits on his knee." I believe that if this saying was born, it means it's not so unusual for cats to love someone who dislikes them. Or maybe they show that affection for some other reason? Difficult to say...

As to peeing, yeah I heard that cats can revenge that way. But in your very case, was it just a single accident or Emerson has this "habit" of peeing in wrong places, generally?
No, not really. He had an incident or two before he was fixed, but he hasn't had an issue since, which was why it was so odd. And on a dinner plate! Maybe he just has an odd sense of feline humor...
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