Advise please! My dog stepped into rigid foam insulation that immediately hardened.We've cut the affected hair off but the foot skin is all in the foam, still. How can we get rid of it? It's stuck so tightly! Our dog is old and cannot walk well, and now with this darn foam it's even more difficult for her. Help!
Give her a good bath, the water might get the foam off.

If not I can only suggest seeing your vet.
What about special foam removers applicable to human skin?
Thanks for your response!We tried to bath but the foam proved too hard.
Yeah, I've found some information that this foam can be deleted by special products applicable to human skin, but these are effective only if the foam hasn't hardened. The vet said now there are no other ways to remove it but mechanical means.I can imagine how the dog will bite and struggle - now when she's old, she can't stand any interventions...
I hope you'll remove that with as little intervention as possible!