Are there any good sites about Rottweilers?
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Are there any good sites about Rottweilers?

Why yes. There are quite a few:
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Are there any good sites about Rottweilers?

Well i dont know if its good but it sure has some nice pictures on it. Enjoy
You can start here for basic information:
(Greyhound Info.)
You can start here for basic information:

Rich, the request was for a "good site" about Rottweilers. Based on your experience and knowledge of the breed why did you select that site as a "good" one? Based on that web site what genetics problems should the buyer be aware of? Exactly what kind of testing should be expected from a responsible breeder? Based on the information in the web site would a breeder promoting dogs of 110 pounts be a good prospect? What size *is* "medium large" anyway?
The very first question in the breed selector is simply crap: "Consider dog size. That cute little puppy may become a too-large-to-handle dog. Size also dictates the minimum space a dog needs for health and fitness.
Which best describes your living situation?
I live in a small apartment, so I'm looking for a small dog of less than 30 pounds
I have a large home, but no yard, so I need a medium-sized dog, 30 to
50 poundsI have a home with a yard and want a large dog of over 50 pounds I have no opinion on dog size or required living space"

There are many large sized dogs well suited to apartment living, and many small dogs completly unsuited to it. The presence or absence of a yard is a matter of convenience, not particularly related to dog size.

This question is equal parts crap and simply incorrect:

"All dogs shed, but single-coated breeds shed little, year round, while double-coated breeds shed twice a year. Shedding dogs require more grooming.
Which best describes your living needs?
I can groom my dog every day, so I don't mind a dog that sheds a lot I can groom my dog a couple of times a week, so I don't mind a dog that sheds regularly
I don't want to groom my dog very often, so I don't want much shedding I don't have an opinion on grooming and shedding "

The dogs MOST in need of regular grooming are those dogs retaining coat, i.e. NOT shedding. For those dogs regular grooming is a health requirement. For the shedding dog grooming is often (not always) more a matter of household maintenence, than for the sake of the dog.

A site with a multiple pages of information on a breed isn't necessarily good, but a huge clue that a site is not good is if it consists of only a single breed specific page.
Well i dont know if its good but it sure has some nice pictures on it. Enjoy

A "good site" for any breed will vary depending upon what information the person already has, and the kind of information they are looking for. Few sites are good in all areas. One site might be really great for someone new to the breed, who has not yet acquired the breed and who wonders if that is the right breed for them. Not all breed club sites are "good" sites for this purpose, but the American Rottweiler Club is. / Note, for example, that unlike the site offered by Rich, the ARC site is very specific about the health testing, and much more detailed about the temperament and behavior of the breed.

The Bissgarden site might appeal to someone already involved with and a student of the breed, but it is also short on real information. I wouldn't call it a "good site" but nor do I think it is "bad". It simply doesn't have any depth to it.
One site I've regularly referred to regarding Rottweiler issues is /. This site is most likely to appeal to those already owning the breed, and quite taken with it. It is a site that calls for involvement both physically (carting) and politically (fighting breed specific legislation). It is the kind of page that anyone who cares about the breed should at least be aware of even if they don't agree with the opinions expressed therein.
Here is another example of a site with some depth of information on the breed: /

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I clearly said "You can start here for basic information." The key words being START and BASIC.
There's one that beats them all: !!!
There's one that beats them all: !!!

Google is great for finding stuff, but it doesn't teach you how to evaluate what you find. There are as many or more poor and inadequate sources of information turned up on Google as there are good ones.

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