Oh my God, and that I had to say at least 3 times while watching this... and I'm still speechless.
Hey Elwing, does she say anything interesting?


still shocked
Wow!! It's really shocking!.. It's great she sheltered them but so many cats at such a tiny life area!.. wow...
Summary of the narration:
She lives in Novosibirsk and has a two-room flat. She sheltered the cats from the street. Some of them were sick, some of them became thin because of a lack of food. She healed and fed them up. So that neigbours didn't complain of the scent that might be coming out of the flat, she made all walls and floor of ceramic tile, and she washes it all the time. She says that her cats never quarrel with one another, and that they adore their hostess. They all have unique names, and the woman remembers them all by heart and never mixes them up. 
She says:

When all feeline names ran out, I started to call them human names. When all human names ran out, I started to give them the first name I heard over TV...
good for her !! all the kitties look great. all the motion at feeding time makes a great model for the kinetic-molecular theory. :-)