i'm fascinated by saarloos wolfdogs. does anyone here have them as pets? i'd love to hear what's it's like to have one.
saarloos wolfdogs are very rare and they have wolf blood so i don't think they are good pets. they can be good to keep if you have lots of experience with dogs, lots of time to devote to them, a large yard and if you get more than one dog because they have strong pack instincts and will do bad as sole pets. otherwise i don't think you should consider this breed. cheers.
Hi, you may want to have a look at this article: Saarloos Wolfdog
I've heard to much bad stories about those wolf crosses. They are not pets they are wild animals, they can be great pets until they reach teenager-hood and will start to compete with the family members and it will end in violence because that's their nature and a lot of those dangerous traits were bred out for a reason. Domesticated dogs also show that dominance sometimes and they can become aggressive so just imagine how it would be with a wolf.
Joleen CohenI've heard to much bad stories about those wolf crosses.
I haven't, although I won't deny these dogs aren't for everyone and the people who decide to get them should understand clearly what type of a dog there are going to live with. I personally wouldn't risk getting one. There must be very few people who really knows how to deal with such a specific breed.