According to Firefox warning, this could be an unsafe site because if I upload pictures from my computer, then you have access to EVERYTHING in my computer..I cannot have that for myself or others.

I am sad as it looked like a fun thing to to read about and look at pets.......
Hi Jesse James, this is the first time I'm hearing this and I myself use firefox, could you give me more details on when this warning occurs? Is it the Java Applet that loads when you are on the upload images page? If you want to decline the Java, you can still use Single Upload to upload images.
If you give me more details I can pass the info on to our developer who can give you a much better explanation about why our website is safe and how it all works if it is what I think it is Emotion: smile
I've been using Firefox and this website for years and I've never had that warning. Have you checked your PC for malware recently? This is the number one thing I do when I have suspicious warnings. Other than that, it would be really cool if you could give more details like Punkybrewster said, and possibly a screen shot.

I have no problems of this sort with my Firefox.