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Thank you, everyone! Yeah, that is some hair, isn't it? That's my boy! Stebe (it turns out to be spelled, not Stabin as I have on the site) is a Newfoundland.Today we met another Dane in the park. They're rare here this makes three in the city that I know of. Saskia is a tad on the small side at a svelte 51 kilos; this guy outweighed her by around 10 kilos and was taller and broader and one year old. Cute as heck, still had all his extra skin. Well, at one point he decided to check out Walter. As I mentioned, Saskia's been putting herself between Walter and others since he's had to ride in the stroller again because of the broken leg.

Well, as soon as that pup made a (friendly) move in Walter's direction, darned if Saskia didn't launch into action, showing a lot of snappy teeth and really driving that dog; it was as classic a "get back" as I have ever seen. As soon as the other fella was a few body lengths away she relaxed, then invited him to play, and they ran around. This was repeated any time he tried to go up to Walter, until I showed Saskia that I was taking the dog over (showed her I was in control), and Walter got to pat one of his lips.

Saskia then stopped with the protection if I was by Walter but drove the other dog off if I was a distance away. I didn't tell her not to do it; it was so classic, so what one wants to see in protective behavior, and so unexpected I thought why not. And anyway I have no idea if that pup had had any toddler experience and also didn't want him discovering the bag of rice cakes in the back of the stroller. And he was enormous, very bouncy, and still mouthy.

The owner actually thanked Saskia, saying the other guy rarely got told off by dogs due to his size and it was good for him to be told there are limits. Every time Saskia drove him off, too, Walter just about passed out laughing.
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Walter sure is a cutie, love that red hair. He looks like he's a fun kid to be around, always smiling at something!