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== Soil pH tests are also hard to do over the internet. DC

LOL..right you are.
BUT, did you know you can search the National Geological database and get a fairly accurate pH reading of locality/specific areas worldwide? :-)

Uh, no, it doesn't. With the exception of northern Jutland, Denmark has no significant amounts of sodium chloride in their soil. Denmark does have vast amounts of Limestone and clay, which are very desiccating.

I'm from the east coast of Jutland, so you'r quite right, it's not likely to be salt. I actually tried to taste it, and doesn't taste salty. :-) But it is very likely to be clay. So I've just replaced the dirt on the basking spot by a nice piece of cork. Some days ago I placed a wet towel in his den, and I think I can already feel an improvement, he feels heavier and not so dry anymore. Wow, if this is the solution, I'll be really happy about it! -)

Ulrik Smed
Denmark, Aarhus
I live in Florida, and stop calling me Love Canal.


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"Cutting" it with peat moss ? Were you a cocaine dealer before becoming an engineer ; 0

"Cutting" something into your mix is also a cooking term, a painting term, a chemical fabrications term... not just for drug dealers. Emotion: smile

Maybe Ryan is only familiar with drug cutting Emotion: wink
I'll blame him for the sudden increase of baking powder in my Charlie then ROFL!