Hi everyone,
This is my first post here so I hope I'm in the right section of the forum.
Well I just want to share a bit of my feelings towards my cat Fifi.
Fifi was my oldest cat, I've had her for 17 years (I'm 25 now so she has been with me for most of my life).
She was always such a gentle beautiful cat, she would even lick us when we were petting her (which I found very strange but it was her little thing).
About 2 months ago she got a cold that "developed" into a nose tumor. Since she was very old already the vet said she couldn't go through any surgery and she said that sooner or later we would have to make the terrible decision to put her to sleep.
At first we didn't want to, but the tumor developed pretty fast and she ended up with a huge sore on her nose and she had a lot of trouble breathing. It was bleeding everyday and nothing seemed to stop it. She would still eat very well, and she even jumped to the roof … but yesterday we decided to put her to sleep.
It was so hard for me, I didn't want her to suffer anymore and the vet said she would eventually suffocate, but still since yesterday I can't help wondering if we did it too soon.
I wanted to be with her when they did it. That was the only reason I went to the vet. I just didn't want my 17 year old friend to die alone in a room full of strangers. I talked to her and she was even purring, in that very last moment she turned her head to me and she passed looking at me.
It was very hard for me, and I don't want to go into that place of questioning the decision we made, but I just keep thinking that she could still be here with us now.
I don't know…I just love her too much and I'm having a hard time saying goodbye.
Thank you for reading.
Hi Mel, I am so sorry for your loss Emotion: sad
I think you chose the right time, you would have felt soooo bad if she had to pass away at home of suffocation! Life is just a journey and so is passing away, she is continuing her journey and I am sure she is glad you took so good care of her and made her passing easier. Her purring showed you that she was okay with the situation, cats are very very clever. Please trust that you did the right thing and be grateful for the 17 years you spent together. She still remains with you in your heart and her suffering is gone.
All the best!
Oh, that's really sad! My Tilly was put down a couple of years ago!