Hi! I have a 30L aquarium. Is it enough to keep there two scorpions or a spider? If yes, what other conditions should I create there and what accessories to add? What kind of scorpions or spiders is best for keeping as a pet? What food do they need? I'm afraid there's no shop with flies and crickets in my town. Emotion: sad Thanks for your tips.
I think 30L is only enough for ONE scorpion.
you can't really keep either, in a place that does not sell live food.

if you could get crickets, i suggest either: 2 emperor scorpions, 2 red claw scorpions or 4 B. keyserlingi

you cannot have anything but the largest tarantulas: salmon pink or goliath birdeaters.

but like i said, neither will survive unless you have live crickets or locusts to feed.

check regulations in your local area to what exotics you can keep.