How to train my cat to a scratching post? What did you do so that your cat got used to it? Are scratch posts really effective and prevent cats from scratching all other things abd furniture? I know these are many questions, but I just have to do smething about my cat and I don't ever want to declaw!
We trained our cat easily enough: just damped the post with some drops of valerian. He understood quite quickly what the post was for.

I wouldn't say that a scratch post can guarantee 100% that your cat won't scratch anything else. For example, when my cat is in a naughty mood, he scratches the sofa or jambs from time to time (he tries to draw our attention that way). But generally yeah, if he wants to sharpen his claws, he uses the scratching post.

I am glad you are not going to declaw! I wouldn't ever do that myself. [Ye]
Just damped the post with some drops of valerian? But how did he at all figured out the post's purpose? Sounds like a nice idea but I am not sure my cat will be as smart.

IMO declawing is terrible.