So when we got my cat his first closed litter box and we would always hear this digging sound coming from it! we were sure he was just covering after himself but turned out he was scratching the walls of the box! till this day he still does this and he can go on for 10 minutes until we call him out! Now I've been searching for info about this behavior and only found info about cats pawing\scratching the air in their litter box, but he actually uses the walls to file his nails, I must mention he does not scratch anything else in the house, in fact he does not use his claws to attack either (people have asked me if he was de- clawed before! Emotion: tongue tied )... non of my cats ever did this and I've never seen a cat do this so I don't know why he does this, it may be that's just where he likes to do it but it just seem's really odd to me ! did any of you ever hear of this or have a cat that does this? I've just always wondered..
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My cat does this too. Its SO annoying!
Lacey does this every single time. She even scratches the wall next to the box. I keep asking her if she's digging a hole to China! LOL. She's a neat freak and I think gets obsessed with making sure everything is covered, especially since Finney doesn't care. Emotion: hmm I do tell her to stop after awhile but she does it every time.
LOL that is too funny!!! but see Eliot can go for hours if he could but after all that he doesn't even cover up after himself ! There was this one Sphynx we were thinking of adopting, his owners said he would go around the house and cover all the liter boxes for the rest of the cats ! I thought it was extremely cute Emotion: smile
Oh my! That's VERY obsessive. LOL. She doesn't do it that long. Hmmm, sounds like OCD. Have you tried moving the box somewhere else? Sorry if you wrote that already, I am working on trying to find a new home for a friend's kitty at the same time so I may not have read the whole thing. Emotion: wink
Well he's been with me since he was 3 weeks old because his mama was sick, we started litter training at around 6 weeks and the scratching started when he was 16 weeks old that's around the time we bought him his fancy box (he had a small kitten one before that) and he's been doing it ever since. We moved once for about a month before we moved about 6000 miles away, and he still does it! So I doubt its something that bothers him with the placement, he is great with the litter box hardly has any accidents I just think it's something he acquired at a very young age and since we never knew why he does it or how to prevent it, we didn't Emotion: thinking
Oh and good luck with the kitty! Emotion: smile
Thanks, so far no luck. When you say fancy box, what kind of box? Did you say it has a cover on it? Maybe remove the cover if you have one. When Finney got bigger (He's a Maine coon and Norwegian forest cat so HUGE) he couldn't stand being closed in.
its a really huge box my ex boyfriend went out and got for him, and considering he's a Sphynx he is really small even now that he's fully grown, so he has plenty of space in there (I also have a covered one that is medium size because I thought maybe it was too big for him). I tried changing the boxes and even had two clean boxes one without a cover and one with but he would still try and scratch the sides of that one, and if he couldn't he would turn to the bathroom walls and start scratching them LOL

I also did a urine and kidney test several times on him when he was younger and also had one done when he got neutered and they came out clean, his stool looks good and non of the typical signs of problems with the actual box that's why I'm guessing its more of that he got used to filing his nails there so much when he was younger he won't even scratch anything else in the house !

I think I read something Jackson Galaxy once shared on Facebook about cats "scratching" the air while in the litter box, but I don't think they came to a conclusion as for why they do that, even Jackson couldn't tell. also Eliot actually scratches in order to file his nails so I'm not sure if it's even the same thing they were talking about Emotion: geeked
Cats are just plain weirdos! LOL Emotion: stick out tongue

Have you tried giving him one of those emery cat things? I was thinking of getting one.
Yeah we thought about getting one but I'm pretty sure he's not gonna use it Emotion: thinking
I've heard of someone who bought one of those that came with catnip (not sure if all of them come with it), her cat rubbed his face on the thing until he bled! so that kind of scares me too especially since he is hairless
But I think it's great as long as they don't put catnip in it!
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