So when we got my cat his first closed litter box and we would always hear this digging sound coming from it! we were sure he was just covering after himself but turned out he was scratching the walls of the box! till this day he still does this and he can go on for 10 minutes until we call him out! Now I've been searching for info about this behavior and only found info about cats pawing\scratching the air in their litter box, but he actually uses the walls to file his nails, I must mention he does not scratch anything else in the house, in fact he does not use his claws to attack either (people have asked me if he was de- clawed before! Emotion: tongue tied )... non of my cats ever did this and I've never seen a cat do this so I don't know why he does this, it may be that's just where he likes to do it but it just seem's really odd to me ! did any of you ever hear of this or have a cat that does this? I've just always wondered..
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Joleen CohenBut I think it's great as long as they don't put catnip in it!
Don't they always put catnip in there? That's what I heard.
Emotion: surprise oh my gosh how horrible! Yeah it's the catnip then making them rub their faces on it. That makes sense. Now I understand why it's gotten bad reviews. poor kitty!
I'm not sure but I hope not! there is no need to if you encourage your cat the right way he will use it without catnip. I think it was stupid of them to put it in there in the first place..
Our cat, a bengal, makes going in the litter box an experience. We jokingly call it digging for China as it sounds like she
is scratching her way through the bottom. She may be scratching the sides too, as the box is closed and we never look.
We never thought to look at the sides when we replaced it for a new one after about a year. She always uses the box,
and has never missed, even once, and even when we travel is great so we never really thought of it beyond humorr.
We just love her and if she loves going potty in the litter box , more power to her.
Hi I have a male cat that is doing the same thing.
He is super crazy clean.
I watched him the other day when he was doing it and I know it sounds funny but he was cleaning off his hands.
I swear he uses the wall corner to do this the he turns his hand in to look at it.
he even wipes his back feet it's crazy but that is what he is doing.
i'm sure of it.
My cat does it ans she's only 3 month!