Hi guys, I'm a happy owner of a black pug Molly who is my first dog eva and I'm so so excited! We got her about a month back and everything has been just great but for one thing. When we go outside late evening it's already dark and since my baby is black I can barely see her sometimes!! Anyone has the same problem?
get her some kind of a bright colored shirt or a bright colored leash and collar Emotion: smile
Thanks. Emotion: smile She has a red leash and collar but I hoped there was something else I could try! I mean the red leash doesn't help much because she's off the leash. She's very obedient and doesn't go too far. But I'm still worried! Do you think I should not let her loose?
There are reflective collars and vests that you can get for your dog so that you can see her in the dark.
There are also flashers that you can add to their collars. I have a little red bone shaped one, about the size of a basic ID tag, that flashes in the dark. It just has a little clip to easily put it on and take it off. I use it when we walk at night, so there's something for people in cars to see.
RavenRoseThere are also flashers that you can add to their collars.
I often see dogs with these flashers over here. I was sure it was the collar itself that flashed! Emotion: embarrassed
Flashers! I didn't know a thing like this existed! Thanks for the idea! This should really be what I'm looking for.

Thanks everyone. Emotion: smile
There are actually collars that will flash, but I find the thing I can put on and take off of her regular collar to be a lot easier! Emotion: smile