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100% agree with u. If I read further down I have 2 Huskies, both 13 years old. I would never in a million years scold them for something that's age related that they cannot help.

100% agree with you.

It doesnt sound like a behavioral issue to me. If you've never seen as much of a growl out of him, at age 13, it sounds like he is in pain and doesn't want to be touched as a result.

I would take him to the vet, especially if he is also displaying signs of lethargy and/or not eating or showing enthusiasm for food.

They usually withdraw from their normally playful activities when they are in pain. I've seen and experienced all of these behaviors (including a good skin-breaking nip) from our going-on-ten husky girl. She is usually the sweetest thing, but when she has medical issues, she is very aloof and will snap if you go to touch her. One time she had a slipped-disk AND a UTI with visible blood in urine (both resolved) and I let her out to pee and she would not come back inside in our then apartment complex. I could not leave her there, but she bit me hard and rolled on her back to avoid being ushered in. I had to call my boyfriend for help.

Since this breed can suffer from arthritis as they get older, or even hip dysplasia, I have researched Cold Lazer Therapy as a VERY effective and non-invasive therapy for joints issues. Dont know how costly these treatments are, but I have read and heard from friends the testaments to it's amazing reults!

Good luck and thank you for being a dedicated and devoted and loving husky owner! They are the best!!