Hi, my 13 year old Siberian Husky is named Nico. He is the sweetest and best friend a man could have. I have had him since he was 6 weeks old - since then we have become best of friends.

I did all the right things during our relationship ie> puppy and dog training classes, plenty of outside exercise, tons of dog to dog playtime at dog parks and treat/rewards when deserved or just cause.

As of late, Nico has become aggressive towards me. He actually bite me and broke the skin on several places on my hand a few weeks back. He had went the restroom all over the kitchen over the evening while we were sleeping and when I found it and him when I went to grab his collar her growled then I went to crab his muzzle as a somewhat human muzzle leash - my mistake and I paid for it.

I've never hurt Nico or made it to where he would fear me let alone ever bite. I understand he probably knew he did something wrong and was not in the mood for my scolding. Typically I tell him how bad he was and make him say he is sorry - basically he has to come to me willingly for a quick hug, pat and off to play time. He does this with the typical head down demeanor.

Since this incident I have been very watchful. Last night when combing out his blown coat he bared his teeth at me when I went to grab his leg to brush it more evenly. He even went to bite me, not near hard enough to do any damage yet, in a manor of like "back off". I backed off but should not let this incident go unnoticed. I can't let Nico think its okay to do this or behave this way.

I am afraid on how I am to scold him from this point when he shows his teeth or attempts to bite because I prefer to not get bit/hurt. Nor do I want to hurt him or give him any reason to fear me or feel bad. He's my pup and best friend but I need to know how to do what and when to do it. All help is appreciated.
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AnonymousI did all the right things during our relationship ie> puppy and dog training classes, plenty of outside exercise, tons of dog to dog playtime at dog parks and treat/rewards when deserved or just cause.
That's certainly right but have you also been setting discipline and limitations? Dogs need them to remember that you're the one in charge. You, as a pack leader, set the rules for him to follow. The rules, discipline, and limitations should be reinforced constantly so you don't lose your alpha dog role. Perhaps, at some point, something went wrong and Nico decided he can set his own rules. When he begins to growl at you, he's not submissive, and what you should do at such moments is to bring him into a submissive state of mind by telling him to sit or lie down or any other command he knows and obeys well. As a good pack leader, you should read his body language well and as soon as there are signs of dominance, stop this immediately by bringing him into submission before his behavior escalates to growling or something worse.

If you're sure dominance issues are not the problem as you've always been following the main principles of pack leadership, I'd recommend that you make sure there's no underlying medical condition that makes him be in pain and change his behavior as a result. After all, 13 years old is an age to be respected.

After reading many of your posts on this forum I begun to reinforce the "nothing is free" mentality. Last night I began by making him sit before taking him outside for exercise, bathroom and socialization. I also again made him sit before giving him he nightly treats, food and etc. I feel that if we continue to practice all his commands, which I can attest to slacking on, then perhaps this will help to remedy the situation. After all, after an evening of trick for treat Nico seemed to be his usual playful self quite content and very well behaved.

You also brought to my attention that perhaps his mood has escalated due to underlying medical conditions. Perhaps he is suffering from arthritis or other ailments. Its very possible pain is the source of his aggression. We do our regular vet visits and nothing has come up yet, I also haven't asked pointed questions to direct an exam. I will look into this.

I appreciate your help and truly love my dog. I suppose we all get grumpy with age but biting or showing teeth should not be tolerated.

Than you.
Hi again,

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. It's nice to know they don't just get buried in the forum among other threads. It's also nice to know that he has regular vet visits and that just one trick for treat evening made a difference. It's definitely a good sign.

I wish you good luck and please keep us posted. Don't hesitate to post more questions if you have any.

You have a very senior friend who requires your patience and understanding. Scolding him for going "restroom" on the floor is cruel. He is not stupid . He knew he wasn't supposed to go there but obviously couldn't help it. It sounds like he may be having some pain issues as well during the combing. Instead of trying to instill your dominance over him try adding more love and understanding. You don't have much time left with him.
If incontinence continues to be a problem ask your vet about a product called Proin. It stops incontinence in dogs and might help. Leaving a link to read up on the product. http://prnpharmacal.com/proin/
Maintain dominance and take your baby to the vet for a checkup. Incontinence comes with old age but can also be signs of organ issues (kidney, liver, etc) . Sounds like he may also have a little arthritis. I recommend a supplement like cosequin. I have had similar issues with my 13 year old Siberian husky and these things helped us. No more potties inside and he moves around a lot more pain free. Hope this helps! Husky love! 💛
I just came across this post while looking for info on caring for my husky as she is getting older, punishing a 13 year old dog is mean and pointless, it is not dominant issues, just a dog that is old, they can't help it, just like elderly people in nursing homes.

I have 2 Huskies - both 13 years old and showing signs of old age. One has started having the odd accident through the night. I would never dream of scolding him for doing so. He hasn't done it on purpose - hes 13 years old for goodness sake. Try having a bit of understanding. He knows hes done wrong and it's not like hes trying to piss you off on purpose. My other one gives a growl if I brush his back legs so I just simply stop. He has arthritis so I'm not going to shout at him for being sore. 13 is a grand age for a husky - it's a privilege to have them and not for one second would I scold them for anything that is caused by their old age.

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