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mostly, he just bosses her around. -kelly

The new boy in town took over? Pondering 'Alpha stuff', again. The current APDT newsletter features an article, "An Examination ... packs follow that model. Has anyone done systematic observation of inter-action at dog-parks? There should be something to learn there.

There will be a lot to learn at dog parks, but pack dynamics (or lack thereof) isn't one of them.
dog park is to dog pack
beach volley ball is to family
The population at dog parks is far from random, and thus far from representative of the general dog population. The nature of a dog park automatically selects for and against dogs with certain inherent behaviors.

Diane Blackman
http://dog-play.com /
The premise is that after spending time with Monty Roberts, Fennell decided to apply similar techniques to dogs.

She decided to tell everyone how marvelous she is and mishandle/misinterpret dogs? Sweet. M.

And how incompetent everyone else is, because its really so simple; but yes, thats about it.