Thought I'd share.

This morning I woke up coz of warm breathing into my right ear.

I opened my eyes to see Sherlok's head on my pillow. One of his front legs was over my neck and the other was under my neck. I moved him away and fell asleep again.

I then woke up to see the same thing. I moved him once more and fell asleep again.

I then woke up with Sherlok's neck resting over mine. Again I moved him.

I then woke up coz of wet feeling on my neck. Sherlok was licking it. I got up and put him in his bed, then returned to keep sleeping.

Then... I woke up again! To find him on my bed curled up in a ball.

I know dogs shouldn't be allowed to beds but this made me laugh. I woke up.

Emotion: dog
Why shouldn't dogs be on the bed? They're human too! Emotion: dog
They are but if I let him sleep in my bed I will have to take my pillow and sleep in his bed eventually... Emotion: stick out tongue
Aw, but he's giving so much love! Emotion: love
I thought only cats could wake up their owners by lying across their neck! Miky did it a few times and I would wake up of a feeling someone tried to choke me. Emotion: big smile