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Thanks a lot for all information. About take out for pee and poop, it's just a preference. We take the dog out for exercise and for having some fun.
Again, thanks a lot for al inputs.

I would have agreed with you up until this point. It made life so much easier and less stressful I will probably do it again.

Fresh air is welll and fine, but below zero temps with a scrawny skin and bones pup isn't fun for either of us. Perhaps I'm a bit paranoid but the older two have difficulty with temps that low, requiring booties just to go out to potty, and I wanted to avoid having her frostbitten from the get go. Then there is the aspect that using the litter box let her pee fast and I could get back to bed without really waking up, thus avoiding setting off the insomnia I was suffering from then. Pupppy antics are much easier to take on a full night's sleep!