This video was sent to me by Ken Pauley , and I'm posting it with his permission. Emotion: smile


Has your cat done anything like that? Mine hasn't!
Lovely Video, Grissom has only twice tried to catch the mouse cursor.
Hehehe too cute! No, my cats never did that Emotion: giggle
My cat, Bailey does that! The problem is that she's so big and heavy that she knocked over my monitor. Now I keep my office door closed and she can no longer get to my computer.

Instead she now polishes the glass oven door, the front storm door, and any piece of glass she can reach. It's quite funny! Emotion: giggle
gizmo used to do it to the tv normally when cartoons like the simpsons were on. he once stopped,walked away then turned around and did a flying leap into the screen bouncing off Emotion: big smile he wasnt hurt but it was funny and he hasnt been interested in it since..cant say i blame him
Oh whoa...he's really getting into it. How funny. lol

I have something like that on youtube but not nearly as intense (and cute) as this kitty!