My dog died in July and I really miss her. I've had dogs all my life and I live in a nice home with a big fenced (real fence!) yard. Problem is, I'm 75 years old - but in good health - and I live alone. I've been looking at the local shelters and pondering whether to get an "adult" dog or a pup - IF I get anything at all. I've always had puppies. And the trials and tribulations of training another one don't really bother me that much. But, maybe I'm just too damn old to have another dog. Maybe it wouldn't be a fair shake for the dog. Would like to hear some opinions, especially from other seniors.
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get a mature dog it will be much easier for you don't worry about your age but make sure you make arrangements in your will. Many states have the ability to leave *** to pets via trusts or just in the will directly

I would say get a slightly older dog. Maybe even one that had a previous owner die. Chances are they will really like another older person (sorry) as a companion, plus, not many others adopt older dogs! good luck with whatever you choose!
Yep, we got one dog (2 y/o Afghan) and thought we would miss having a puppy. But, the adoption worked out so well, we got an even older dog (6 y/o Afghan.) She's even better behaved. They were both previously potty trained, and literally "ready to go." Shoot, they even love cats!! We moved them in and they immediately formed their own creases on the couch. A puppy is a hassle for a while. They are fun though, especially if they can grow up with your kids. You also don't have to deal with maladaptive behaviors that weren't of your doing. But, if you are older and have no kids or a wife/husband, an older dog sounds like a better deal. Hope you make a good choice that fits you,
Jack, if your worry is that the dog may outlive you, I have a suggestion.

Go to a rescue group, as opposed to a shelter. They will take the dog back if the worst happens, and it will not be put to sleep. Make sure someone close to you knows about the arrangement, so that the group will be notified right away.
Most, if not all, AKC breeds have rescue groups. They will be able to help you get the right dog for you. The national breed clubs will know where to send you.
good luck,
My dog died in July and I really miss her. I've had dogs all my life and I live in ... Maybe it wouldn't be a fair shake for the dog. Would like to hear some opinions, especially from other seniors.

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Where are you located? Our rescue just found out about a perfectly lovely 7 year old female German Shepherd dog. She was the devoted companion of an 84 year old lady who recently lost her fight to cancer. This girl is well mannered, calm, housebroken and would be a great buddy to an older person.

Our rescue is based in VA, but we also do adoptions to MD/DC and parts of PA and WV. The site is
The other posters suggestions of getting an adult dog is good advice. Some of these dogs did not have such a wonderful life before they ended up in rescue or a shelter. They are very appreciative when some treats them well. Your kindness to them is rewarded many times over.

Best wishes in finding a friend.
Yours in GSDs and rescue,
Thanx to all who answered. (For Lea: I'm in Indiana). I have two Texas friends in my age category, a married couple, who are also looking. They suggested contacting rescue groups in my area, which I'm about to investigate further. The "best" dog I ever had, a beagle-mix, was 5-years old when I got her from a local shelter. No house-breaking, no problems. She adapted to her new surroundings immediately and was a perfect, loving companion from day one. I've just about given up on getting a puppy.
the best place to look is most rescues post their dogs on the site and you can narrow down your search pretty easily Wayne
Absolutely get another dog! Being without a dog is NO fun at all. I'm 66, and had to have my 3rd dog, a Golden, put down last September 9. Knew it was coming, so was tracking down possibilities. Since my wife and I travel a bit, we decided on a smaller dog. Found a nice Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix male, which we brought home 10/30, which was born 8/29. Puppies will keep you busy. He now sleeps through the night, partially housebroken. Not a big deal. With a pup, you get what you want.
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