Is it necessary to warm up food (meat for example) before giving it to a cat? If yes, up to which temperature? Room temperature or higher?
Are you talking about raw food? If it's been in the freezer then it's best to put it in the fridge overnight to thaw. A good way to warm it up is to put it in a ziplock freezer baggie and put some very warm water in there with the meat to thaw it quicky without letting it sit out long.
I was talking about food I take from the fridge. For example cooled meat (not frozen meat even though it might have been frozen before). Is fridge temperature ok or it should be room temperature?
It depends, most cats won't really eat something straight from the fridge and it can upset their tummies. I'd say set it out for a few minutes to just get the chill out. The other option as I was saying is to put it in a baggie and just add some warm water to it for a minute. It warms it up quick without taking out any nutrients or exposing it to bacteria when it's summer time and very hot. Does this make sense? Emotion: big smile
Yes this does make sense. Thank you. Emotion: smile
Oh. My cat always eats chilled meat. I don't warm it up after I take it out of the fridge. In fact I think she refused to eat room temperature meat a couple of times so I never do it again.