I have two Siamese male kittens that are each 4 months old and from the same litter. Last Wednesday they were neutered. The surgery went well and when they came home that evening it was hard to tell that they had surgery. Ate well, played and eliminated normally. Thursday and Friday were normal as well. Saturday morning they both refused breakfast. They only nibbled on their dry food for lunch and then refused their wet food again. Dinner only ate a very small amount. Both vomited white foam once that evening and once over night. Still refusing to eat and only drinking a small amount of water. I plan to call the vet first thing in the morning since the vet is closed on Sunday. They are both still acting normal but seem to be nauseated. I did discontinue their oral pain medication on Saturday because I wasn't sure if that was making them feel ill. (Buprenephrine) They have had no food changes and their incisions seem to be healing nicely. I am currently pushing 2 cc of water mixed with 1 tsp of kitten meal replacement powder every 2 hours until they can see the vet to keep them hydrated. They seem to be tolerating and haven't vomited since this morning. Any ideas as to what could be going on?
Most likely just a delayed reaction to the anaesthetic but good that you're going to the vet to double check.
I'm not sure how the vet went about the operation but after 17 years with cats and two male kittens I can say that they never needed pain meds after neutering. They came home lethargic but were normal within hours. Just don't put your hand under their bottom whenyou pick them up for a few days. Chemicals are never kind to anyone human or animal and if they aren't in pain to begin with their bodies aren't even using the medication which means you're giving them something that stays in the body longer than intended, possibly reaching intoxicating or simply toxic levels. So yes, stop meds and just in case keep an eye on their bottoms for redness, swelling, puss, an odd smell or anyother sign of infection you can think of.
My kitten was fine to start with but after a couple days she was so poorly the scar looked fine not red at all I took her back to the vets and found she had a infection and was put on A/B and a pain killer and was fine soon after that.
they may need antibiotic , but it could have been the pain med they were taking, to take back to the vet to make sure though. Good luck hope they are better soon.
When our male kitty was neutered, he was fine at first, then started vomiting, then not eating, then throwing up the foam, just as you described. Our vet had recommended we change to some special litter that wouldn't get stuck to his underside - just for the time being. Turns out the kitty was confused about the change and would not use it! I have two other cats, so I had to stalk him to discover that he wasn't going potty. Turns out he was constipated. An enema and change back to his normal litter fixed him right up!