I would like to wade in on you quest for information on sick canary. The birds are not getting fat. What they are doing is puffing their feathers up to stay warm. Take a candle and light it, hold it near the cage and if the flame wiggles your birds are in a draft. When the little birds (canaries/budgies) get sick the sickness progresses very fast. The reason is their heart beats something like 400 beats per min. Make sure they are not in a draft.

Don't use nonstick teflon pans as they produce fumes that are toxic to birds. I lost a yellow nape to learn that lesson. If the birds get sick put a towel over the cage and put a 25watt bluld on one end of the cage. Leave the other end open so the heat can escape.This way the bird can move away from the heat and can get as close as they want. Next go to the bird shop and look for cage bird medicine
that contains tetracyclene. Follow the direction and keep the bird warm. This will take care of most disease. They could have air sac mites also. This would have been evident when you bought them. They would have been breathing with their mouths open. In the states we use a product by the name of Ivomet. One drop of this on the back of their neck usually does the trick. Sometimes they will need a second treatment in seven days. I hope this helps. I am not a vet but have forty-five years experience in cage birds and pigeons. Since there isn't a Avian Vet near I had to experiment and look in books for answeres. For
caged birds I recommend Canary diseases by Robert Stroud (birdman of alcatraz.
The advice in it is very good. The medicines are out of date, but the diseases are the same. I am sorry for the length of this post. cheers,

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