hi my name is kira i have a 9 year old rescued her 3years a go i ant had her to the vet sin i got her off a friend who had her a fu months be for i did she is sick from time to time with yello flued with whit fom an chunky bits i dont no wht to do she all so had a problem eatin her poo im trying a fu didffrent thing at the min to help stop that just need sum addvice on her bin sick hope u can help me if u could email me on Email Removed thanks xx
From what I could understand your dog needs to see a vet. Eating poop means your dog's diet needs changing because it lacks some nutrients.
While dogs may eat poop because they are lacking nutrients, some dogs just eat poop. It can even be compensatory. Yellow vomit or stool is caused by excess bile and is not related to the poop eating. How many "chunky bits" are in it? If not very many, consider feeding multiple small meals throughout the day of a healthy food (emphasis on good food - it means the world!) A trip to the vet is also in order to do a CBC (complete blood count) to check her organ levels too - bile issues can be caused by several issues.
The poor thing hasn't seen a vet in three years? I would definitely get them to a vet asap.