Hello forum I wonder if anyone can help.
I live in a small village and there is this cat here who is obviously very sick. She can't walk properly, shakes and falls over as if she was drunk. It's horrible to look at! What can she have? It's been over a year now that I see her, don't know what to do, feel helpless I want to help it but at the same time am scared of it! Hope someone has an idea.
I'm so sorry to hear about the poor cat. It sounds like some kind of problem with her nervous system. Any chance you can show her to a vet?
Hi there, no I wouldn't know how to catch it, honestly I'm afraid of it. I don't know a vet close by and don't know who to call, but my neighbour says she's got aids, is that possible?
I think I should ask around for some ideas and see if there is some animal rescue in the area, which I doubt, our town is too small.
Aw poor kitty. Emotion: sad But if you don't overcome your fear I'm afraid you won't be able to help her! She needs to be seen by a vet for sure. I don't know what symptoms AIDs causes in cats but it sounds like something serious.
she does not have FIV (cat aids) those are not the symptoms and honestly she would be dead long ago if she had it. it could be her kidneys it could be an infection, it could be anything but honestly It won't help trying to find whats wrong with her even if you had a diagnosis its not gonna help if she won't see a vet, I understand you want to help but she needs a vet asap! if you are scared of handling her pick up the phone and call your local animal shelter and explain to them what is going on, most shelters will arrange someone to come get her. in the meantime I would put out some water for her and maybe some boiled chicken, meat or even plain white rice if you can just to give her some energy she may just be too skinny and dehydrated to stay up.
I didn't overcome my fear but I found the number of the animal help here in the area and have told them about the cat. I don't know if they have come or not since I don't see her daily. I hope she will be ok.