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This is my big one! And my children are her brothers and sisters, she's the youngest daughter. She scratches her ear until it bleeds if I leave her so I can't be responsible for that! Yazhi has a bedtime and we need to be in bed by that time so as not to disturb her...yes she's not only with us but sleeps alot on her back with the covers tucked nicely under her chin. If I wake up i always check on her to see that she's comfortable and when I see those adorable little things she is doing...I melt. My entire family does. She barks at strangers especially when she's in the car and some people are scared or dont like it so we dont need to talk to them. She has her toy chest like the kids. I always share my food (as long as its something she can have) she loves fruits and salads go figure. She has so many different names but calls me mama...yes she is very smart and I've taught her to say I love you,, mama, Scoobydoo, as well as about ten more words.if my 2leggeds get a gift so does my 4legged, even has her own stocking at Christmas. My furniture choices are made with her in mind. She prefers to have her head out the window since she is a yellow beagle but we do get nose prints. I dont allow her to put her entire head out unless she is in my seat so I can monitor it for safety. She has her own seatbelt which she has to wear to protect her if we had an accident but she still tries to sit on the console beside me if im driving. I was in the hospital a couple of years ago for awhile and had to call her and talk to her because she was so upset a d slept in my spot the entire time...so I think she loves me too! Whats better than someone being so happy to see u even if its 15min later that they jump into ur arms!? She is my little poockers, my yazhipoodle, my doodles, my sweetsweet...she is my family.
I'm like this with the cat that owns me - Tigerlily. Unfortuntely I'm not like this with Lola. I wish I could gain a proper relationship with my dog but she's just not interested Emotion: sad
If you won't ever pick up your puppy by its skawl (neck skin) as its mom does

This is Amazing! So true, i fit every one nearly, being the only Lady on the sreets in the rain. I hope you don't mind me Sharing this with the J.R.T Group on Facebook.