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They're actually grinding their beak to keep it in peak ... find itrelaxing though, and I love the sound too 8[/nq]^)
Do you have any references for this? From what I've read this behavior has nothing to do with beak conditioning. Rick

A quick check of "Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot" turns up this item on page 117:
Beak Grinding
This behavior says "I'm going to sleep now." A normal, healthy hookbill rubs the lower mandible against the upper mandible, eyes closing, standing on one foot. I believe this is a grooming activity that keeps the birds lower beak sharp and ready to eat upon waking. A bird that has been very depressed for a long time might omit this behavior, with subsequent overgrowth of the lower mandible. This condition might also be accompanied by ill health. The sudden appearance of an overgrown beak is certainly a reason for a veterinary consultation, folllowed by a behavioral consultation if no health problems are found by the avian vaterinarian.
It is my favorite noise in the whole world!! Emotion: smile A room of 8 tiels all grinding their beaks is like music.

So I'm not alone! I think it's one of the most relaxing sounds in the world. It puts me to sleep - especially the big beak on my African Grey.

(ugh, I really hate this newsreader)

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