A was at a hardware store not to long ago and happened to strike up a conversation with the owner about animals. He took me around the back so I could see a pond he had set up for turtles. It was such a simplistically brilliant set up that I though I would share.
Small sunken pond, approximately 200 gallons. Sitting at the water's edge, he had a 100 gallon livestock watering tub, reinforced plastic not galvanized metal. He completely filled the inside of the tub with PVC shavings. He used a machine shop lathe to create the turnings. To visualize it, it looked like lots and lots of spaghetti noodles. The he simply had a larger than needed pond pump in the pond. Water was sucked out of pond, ran through the PVC turnings and then flowed out of a slit on the side of the watering tub. He said that eventually he wanted to concrete large slab rock over the water tub so it would look more naturalistic.

He used no chemicals, no other filter media, no carbon, nothing. The pond was beautifully clear. Anyway, I thought it was a pretty cool set up and thought I should share!
I miss it here, I have been so busy with the frog exhibit, the upcoming Halloween event and planning a reptile exhibit to open in Jan 2005 that I just haven't been able to get on here much. Strange how I started volunteering at the museum because I wanted something to do, but didn't want a real job and now, I have a real job. Arghh. Although I am really not complaining, I really still enjoy it very much.

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