This is about how I feel in the mornings. Emotion: giggle
i feel like thst most of the day!
Ooh! [Luv] I have no other words, really. Emotion: smile Sweet video!
Oh no. A cute kitten again. Lauren don't even try to turn me into a cat person. I'll never stop loving dogs!
No one meant to turn you into a cat person, Raf. That's not my fault that kittens are so darn adorable. Emotion: giggle
Oh gosh - I just can't get enough of these videos.Emotion: love
Then you should love the video I posted a few minutes ago, Stormy - http://mysmelly.com/Archive/AnMeltHeart/cwxhp/post.htm Not a kitten, but pretty adorable anyway. [giggle]
aaawwwww i can't watch videos like this, they are tooooooo cute for me ^_^_^_^ i wonder if there's anything in the world more charming than a sleepy kitten?? ^_^