hi friends what do you think about walking small dogs like chi when it's very cold outside? by very cold i mean -10 C. i just feel really bad for taking my Myla out! is it ok if she stays at home till it's warmer? she's potty trained.
I have never had small dogs like that so I have no idea how well they can tolerate cold weather, but I see two options.

1) She stays inside provided that you give her enough exercise.
2) You go out for as long as she needs to finish her stuff. Then you're back home quickly. Do you have a dog coat for her?
it's probably fine this actually depends on how much energy she has sometimes they get restless without a walk to drain their energy but you can always play with her in the house as much as you can, small dogs don't walk that far because they are small and get tired a lot quicker so they usually do fine indoors.