Could anyone help me ID this snake? I've spotted it in and around our fish pond a few times, and I'm not sure whether it poses any kind of hazard to our dogs or not. If it's non-venemous I don't have a problem with it, but if it has the potential to harm our two dogs then I have to get rid of it. I've already lost one beloved pet dog to a brown snake back in my homeland of Australia, I don't need another one dying of snake bite now that I live in Florida, USA.

I'm obviously familiar with many of Australia's snakes, but my knowedge of Florida's snakes is pretty scanty. The only one I know for sure is the black racer, which I've come across in our yard - and in my Malamute's mouth - on a few occassions.
Thanks in advance
Here's some pictures of it - I caught it sunning itself on our chain link fence, and it let me approach within a few feet before it began slithering away up a nearby tree. on our property/

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