Hi all. I have a Cyclagras Gygas, 5 years old, female. She's had a fine appetite so far and perfect shedding schedule. We had to move recently and her last shedding coincided with moving. Within 3-4 days after moving, her shedding finished. Usually after this she eats eagerly because she's not eaten anything for about 2-3 weeks. But this time it was something odd. She refused to eat. We moved about a month ago, and since then she's still not eaten! Looks like she just doesn't notice the rats that literally run over her. Otherwise she's fine: active and drinks water. But why she's not been eating anything for about 1.5 months already?? Can it be because of stress? When we moved, I also put her in a new tank. It's about the same size but slightly different shape, more of a rectangular (her old tank was square). Any help and opinions are greatly appreciated.
has she lost weight? if not keep watching her and offering her the food from time to time. if you notice significant weight loss take her to a vet.